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Indulge in the sweetest treats at Sweet T's 365! Our dessert shop offers a wide variety of delicious goodies, from classic cakes to unique and creative desserts that will satisfy any sweet tooth.

Homemade Chocolate Chips

Sweet Treats

Cookies and Brownies


Looking for a nice snack. Look no further, reach for a bag of our signature cookies. Made without salt.

12 per order
(prices may vary after 3 dozen)


The Cookie Jar

Need a midnight snack? Reach for your jar of Sweet T's 365 cookies to satisfy that sweet tooth. Up to 2 flavors

4 dozen


5 dozen


Party Platter

Events coming up and you're in charge of desserts? Pick up an assortment of your favorite Sweet T's 365 cookies.

Up to 5 flavors

5 dozen


6 dozen


7 dozen


The Dough

Want to make cookies but don't want the mess? Well we have the dough ready for you in all your favorite flavors,

1 roll


2 rolls


2 rolls mixed



Have a chocolate itch you need to scratch? We have you covered with these large brownies that are all end pieces.

6 per order


Cakes and Cupcakes


Ready to celebrate that special day? We have you covered with these cupcakes.

Half Dozen


1 Dozen


1 Dozen mixed flavor


2 Dozen


2 Dozen mixed flavors


2 Layer Cake

Need a small cake for a special occasion. We have the perfect solution with a 8inch 2 layer cake.


Poundcake Bites

Want some poundcake but not the whole cake. Try our delicious pound cake bites.

3 per order



Running late but need breakfast. Look no further and grab some of our jumbo muffins

Single flavor


Mixed batch


The Adult Table

Alcohol Infused Cookies

Looking for a cookie with a twist? well try our signature alcohol infused cookies.

12 per order


Booze Cream

A pint of your favorite hand made ice-cream with a twist.


Adult Freezy Pops


Twisted Sorbet


Infused Cupcakes

Half Dozen


1 Dozen


1 Dozen mixed flavor


2 Dozen


2 Dozen mixed flavors


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